Beginning Of Madness Machine

I've always wanted a van since I was young. Around age 13(1987), I was really into making things with wood and working with small engines at my home in Nanticoke, PA. I also had other interests, like electronics, drawing and go-carts. I had 3 go-carts and 5 minibikes that were used or I built myself, 2 dirtbikes and a quad between ages 13-18, so I had a lot of experience with mechanical things when I was younger.

In 1993, when I was 20 I bought my first van, a 1977 Chevy Cargo van, as plain as any other.


beginning of mm

I put many hours of work into it in my own backyard just as a hobby. 3 years of new ideas later it was a completley different van. Thats the beginning of my first van called the "Madness Machine". Here is Madness Machines's paint schemes not seen before.







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Madness Machine

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