Wicked Evolution Jr. is available for all kinds of parties, car shows, parades, promotional events or any other occasion.

I have had my son (Skyler jr.) on top but other children cannot ride on it for safety reasons. The exception is the birthday child can only have a short ride on top, but only with parental permission and supervision. All other children at the party can ride on the trailer. Van goes about walking speed and is completely safe.

All showings include Wicked Evolution Jr. driving as a van, transforming and robot modes. Prices are $50 for 2 hrs or $70 for 4 hours for local parties or promotions including travel (In areas close to Wilkes-Barre, PA like: Plymouth, Kingston, Larksville, Edwardsville, Nanticoke, Ashley or Luzerne). All others  please figure a little more for gas. Pictures and videos are welcome.

Sponsors get a graphic block of their business and phone # on the OPENING PAGE and in the 'THANKS' section for at LEAST a year (I may leave it on longer) for $50

To include your business logo on future calendars will be $25 a year. (I pass out alot of FREE calendars to everyone I meet). All public promotions include your business information and date of showing advertised on the first page of this site. Your business name will be promoted on both sides of the little van in bright red lights scrolling across a big display!

Email me at skyler@wicked-evolution.com for pricing

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